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When I went to Spain with my friend Becky in the last year we said we were having a wonderful time together on our own. no friends to disturb the first week we started, we really like. Becky looked beautiful in her pink bikini and the guys look. Her long blond hair and was tall and slim with 36c breasts, very pretty and white, in contrast to his tanned body. I have to think about the girl turned and saw her, asked if he had noticed. she said she did and did not mind, so I quit. I know she is yporn not interested in other men and I trust her completely, but sometimes I imagine someone shit in my head. yet to enter the bar on the beach a man talking with Becky, yporn I realized that I liked the way they have acted. I realized I did not flirt with him and when she came to me with a drink, I asked if she believed it was denied, so I forgot about it. The next day Becky decided to go it alone fora little shopping, and they spent most of the day is done. in the next two days we spent more time apart. the back of my head I knew something was happening, so I decided to spy on her. I took a story I wanted to dive for the day and I knew I was going to say she had to stay because he hated to swim. yporn I waited a couple of hours, and then I went to the apartment. Becky was not there and I was disappointed, I thought I would have caught something. I waited yporn a while, then heard the door is unlocked. I hid behind a closet and listened, as yporn they enter the door with another man. I could not see much, but I heard laughing and joking, then entered the bedroom. I waited a moment and yporn then went to the door and looked through breastfeeding. My heart yporn raced as I saw her writhing in bed with an older man. It must have been about 50, and 19 were Becky I sucked the breasts are white, while she quickly rubbing her huge dick. I bet you would hardly believe his luck doomedThis young and beautiful cake. Also belly, that handsome, bald, with a beer belly, but do not let down his cock and sucked yporn it. She took his cock deep into her throat and licked his balls and ass while lying in bed. usually never liked oral, but I could see a new side to see them. pulled her toward him and pushed his cock into her tight shaved pussy and began to pump. beckys tight white ass, as if he screwed up and I could feel my cock hard as ever. I started rubbing my cock through my pants while I watched. turned around and the old man was at the time you take with your legs in the air. Becky was gasping and screaming, she was cuming and then the old man pulled out his cock and shot his load all over her belly and tits. At this point, I had shot my load in my pants and ran out of the house. I returned ten minutes later and found Becky and the man sitting on the couch together. I asked him who he was and she told me was the tour guide was out of control just fine. Well, I think that was the way he smiled, then left. Becky and I talked like normal, and the rest of the holiday that we have acted like that. Becky was loving as ever, and behaved like the sweet innocent girl that I knew. but secretly watched her and she flirted frequently. even the man at the bar who had chatted for a few days talking with her and knew she wanted him, so dive on the last day left to return to know what would. I entered the apartment to find it, but said that a guy went to a beach on the same street with another man. I went to the beach and it was quiet with a few pairs are sunbathing naked. I could not yporn find so I went to leave and then noticed a car on a side street near the cliff. I went there and saw Becky with the boy from the bar. had a picnic and some wine and chatting and watching couples on the beach. about an hour talking and kissing her, began toLift the top of beckys. Sucked her tits and then slid her shorts and underwear wet white. I had a good veiw from behind a nearby tree. the tongue fucking her pussy and ass and I enjoyed every bit of it. then dropped his pants and pulled his tail and began to lick the tip. how they ran his tongue while kneeling, he fingered her ass and finger fuck. Things were pretty hot, until a guy yporn came by them. becky cover and the two boys started talking. I knew it was a set-up and the kids had to fix. The next thing I remember is the two boys took turns to kiss Becky. I do not know how, while the boys touched her breasts and stroked her pussy and butt hole felt. moaned with pleasure as the type bar becky take in the ass while sucking cock with other kids. They spent about half an hour to becky alternately laughing and playing in all positions. Becky 's vision laying with her legs in the air while the boys took turns cuming in her tRIGHT wet hole made ​​my dick so hard that it came out and started to masturbate. It was then rushed to her and when she was placed on the ground with two men on a full run and I was surprised Becky hole. The two boys were just as amazed as I do. was very wet yporn pussy and cum pumped swim felt great. It only took me a few strokes and I shot my load deep inside her, there are about five seconds from the moment we walked behind the tree. as I pulled out my semi-erect cock Becky looked at me in shock and crying. ordered them to leave the two children and they did. Becky and I were talking about ages, and apologized for what he did, but I said it was okay that I was involved yporn in the first place. as men, yporn things were very quiet, with Becky and me for a while, but things picked up a little when we meet a new friend named John. becky really believed it, and I said I could pick it up and decided to invite him to our home. whatwould go there, was fantastic, but that's another yporn story. jason9hotmail. com
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